Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to His Royal Highness?

The translations for His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce has been dropped for various reasons. If anyone wants to pick it up, feel free to, but do note that the author has previously asked not to translate beyond the free chapters.

Can I translate your translations into another language?

Yes, as long as you credit Lianyin and link back to Do also note that my translations are not word-for-word translations if that’s what you are looking for. :3

There’s a typo error with the translation.

Feel free to poke me with the form above, thanks! <3

Do you accept donations?

No. I’m only translating out of love for the novels. If you love the stories, you can show your support directly to the authors by buying the original chapters or novels on JJWXC! The links are at the bottom of every translated chapter. Thank you! :3