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Nan Chan

Nan Chan – Chapter 99 : Emperor Cang

July 3, 2020

₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ The flood in the north had receded. High walls rose from the ground, standing tall between heaven and earth. Hawks and birds in the sky had all gone into hiding, while thick, dense clouds settled into the shape of a boundless, surging sea.  Cang Ji surveyed tens of thousands of li worth of land from a height with the wind groveling under his feet. His hair and…

Nan Chan

Nan Chan – Chapter 98 : Unmask

June 30, 2020

₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ Jing Lin fell upon the bed. Li Rong signaled with his eyes, and Yun Sheng placed the medicine bottle for injuries on the table. For…

Qiang Jin Jiu

Qiang Jin Jiu – Chapter 29 : Fate

June 23, 2020

₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ Shen Zechuan said, “Oh.”  Not getting the answer he wanted, Xiao Chiye looked back at him and asked, “Why aren’t you rebutting?”   Shen Zechuan raised…

Nan Chan

Nan Chan – Chapter 96 : Evildoing

June 21, 2020

₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ The water clouds in the horizon extended into the distance. The lofty tower rose from the ground and stood erect among a cluster of surrounding…