Lianyin 【莲音】

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◈ Bilingual (EN/CN)
◈ Sucker for men in white, foxes, jade rabbit, dragons
◈ Fav. Author: Tang Jiuqing (唐酒卿) [Carrd]
◈ Fav. Danmei: 南禅,将进酒,天官赐福,etc

玉兔阁 is the name of this site.
莲音 (Lianyin) is the name of the translator. (Weibo|Twitter) social media mostly dead


Unless stated otherwise, the raws I’m using for the translation are all from JJWXC.

I do not do literal, word-for-word translations, but I always aim to keep the intentions of the author and the overall meaning of the original text. I do my best to make the translations flow as smoothly as I can in English. However, do note that I am NOT a professional translator, and my linguistic abilities are not on par with a professional. I am just a fan translator… Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) I will try to recreate the feel of the text as closely as I can, but it is inevitable that the translations may sometimes be lacking. After all, not every nuance can be sufficiently conveyed in English, and nothing will beat reading the original novel for yourself in its original language for the most authentic feel.

I do, however, take all my translations (and researches) seriously even if I might get a little lazy when it comes to editing. If you think I’ve made any errors, or typos, or even if you feel that a certain phrase might be better worded in another way, or improved on, feel free to let me know! Constructive feedbacks are always welcome!

Translations may be revised as needed. e.g. if the author revises a chapter after the translation was posted, or to correct typos.

These projects are done in my free time, so the schedule will be irregular, unfortunately. (●¯⌓¯●)

I’ll likely do another read through and re-edit to weed out typos, clean up sentences, standardize terms, and such after I have translated the whole novel. So meanwhile, please bear with me!

All the wonderful gehs who helped in every little aspect of the translations from correcting typos to historical fact-checking and so on: saed, chanz, bu, suika, alex, and kotoni! and also the qjj audio drama (en) subs team, aka eggy, rie, yunyun, lin, and lam! ♥



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